Automatic Cap Screwing Machine From Wilpac

Automatic Cap Screwing Machine From Wilpac

The manager cover mechanism arrangement, the bottle cap opening up Everfount to cap adding mechanism,the bottle to bottle feeding track will into the cover area from other equipment of line. When the bottle is clamped on both sides of the bottle gripping device move forward and automatic cap sleeve. Capping device make bottle pressure to preload before the cap, in two under the action of wear-resisting rubber wheel rotating at high speed, the bottle tightly screwed on the bottle.


Automatic Cap Screwing Machine Technical Information from Wilpac

    1. Wide applicability, can be used for all kinds of caps and bottles

    2. A cap-feeding, cap wearing device is suitable for all kinds of caps.

    3. Torque control, to ensure the quality of capping.(Optional)

4. Swing type cap wheel, the intensity of capping is more appropriate, greatly reducing

   the cap wheel wear

5. Self-diagnose errors and stop working to make alarm at errors and missing bottles,

   caps. The bottle with twisted cap, anti-cap and without aluminum foil will be removed,

   ensure continuity and accuracy

6. Automatically operation, Intelligent control procedure, no need special worker and

   save labor

7. In Chinese or Chinese-English menu, can store 10-20 groups set parameters, easy to

   adjust and use

8. Microchip chip is from U.S, photoelectric element is produced by TAIWAN, Stable and durable

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Glass round bottle automatic adhesive type labelling machine operation video from Wilpac

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