Automatic Sorting, Capping, Cap Screwing Machine From Wilpac

Automatic Sorting, Capping, Cap Screwing Machine From Wilpac

This machine is mainly composed of bottle delivery device, sorting and capping device, bottle nipping conveying device, rubbing type cap screwing device and electronic control system, with high degree of automation, reasonable design, compact structure, simple and convenient operation.


Automatic sorting, capping, cap screwing machine Technical Information from Wilpac

The machine frame, components and shell is mainly made of high-quality stainless steel, with beautiful appearance, convenient cleaning. It complies with food hygiene requirements and adopts rubbing type capping, and it has simple and reasonable structure, stable and reliable performance, high working efficiency. Rubbing type capping technology can effectively solve the drawbacks/disadvantages of slipping and cap/cover injury for traditional capping machine; Cap screwing mechanism can quickly adjust the spacing and height, it can adapt to different specifications of the bottle types and bottle caps/lids;

Lid conveying mechanism is equipped with photoelectric induction safety protection device, it can control the bottle unscrambler mechanism to realize the “lid conveying for power-on without lids, lid non-conveying for power-off/shutdown with overfull lids”, to enhance the stability and reliability of equipment operation.

Equipment major technical parameter:设备主要技术参数

Power supply (电源电压):AC220V/50HZ

Total power (功率):≤2.8KW

Air source (气源气压):0.7Mpa

Air pressure (使用气压):0.4-0.6Mpa

Applicable bottle shape and bottle lid: as per client’s supply 


Production capacity: 2500-3500 bottles/hour (生产能力:2500-3000瓶/小时)

Dimension (外形尺寸):2600×1100×1950mm

Personal Contact information:

Company name: Foshan Wilpac Packaging Machinery CO., LTD

Company website: (previous website)  

                     (current website)

Alibabab website:

Contact person: Steve Lee   


Mobile / WhatsApp: +86-13928202330   

We-chat: Wilpac_Steve



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