Electronic Counter From Wilpac

Electronic Counter From Wilpac

The bottle blocking of bottle feeding mechanism‘s  track stand bottle filling position and wait fill from the last equipment.Drugs through the corrugated plate vibration,orderly into drug storehouse.And the drug storehouse is equipped with photoelectric sensors,the drug fall into the drug storehouse were putted into bottle by photoelectric sensor quantitative count.


Electronic Counter Machine Technical Information from Wilpac

1.Wide applicability, used for tablets (including abnormal tablets), capsules, gels (including abnormal gels, transparent gels and opaque gels) pills and most solid granules. 兼容性强,可以对片剂(包括异型片)、胶囊、软胶囊(透明、不透明)、丸剂等固体制剂或固体颗粒进行计数装瓶;

2.12 tunnels vibration feeding, special patent filling part, feeding evenly, no breakage of the material. 振动下料: 12通道振动均匀下料、特有的专利翻板分装机构下料、出料均匀平稳,不损伤药品;

3.Anti-dust, using our own original high anti-dust sensor technology, the machine works accurately with good stability in heavy dust conditions. 抗高粉尘:采用本公司独创的抗高粉尘光电传感技术,在高粉尘的情况下一样可以稳定工作;

4.Count accurate: photoelectric sensor automatic counting and bottling error is less than the national standard. 计数准确:光电传感器自动计数,装瓶误差小于国家标准;

5.Hopper mouth of the special structure, to prevent the materials jam, small mouth bottle can quickly bottling.(Optional)特殊结构的漏嘴,能防止堵药,瓶口小的药瓶也能快速装瓶(选配);

6.High-degree of automatic, no bottle will not count and fill. Automatically remove bottles of filling abnormalities and a certain size broken tablets. Self-diagnose errors and stop working to make alarm at errors. 智能化程度高,具有无瓶不数、分装异常药瓶或一定大小的碎粒自动剔除,故障自检等多项检测报警控制功能; 

7. Supporting functions: lack of bottle of photoelectric sensor automatically detection, automatically stop. 功能配套:缺瓶光电传感器自动检测,自动停机;

8. Easy to operate: Using intelligent design, in Chinese or Chinese-English menu, various operation parameters according to the need to set, can store 10 groups set parameters, in order to use. 操作简单:采用智能化设计,中文或中英菜单,各种运行参数根据需要进行设置,可存储10组设置参数,以便调用;

9. Easy to Maintenance, workers can work with simple training, easy to remove、clean、change parts, and no need tools. 维护方便:操作人员只需简单培训即可操作,拆卸、清洗、更换部件简单方便,不需工具;


10. Sealing dust proof, with dust-remove box, reduce dust pollution.(Optional)密封防尘:配置除尘盒,减少粉尘污染(选配)。

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Glass round bottle automatic adhesive type labelling machine operation video from Wilpac

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