Heat Shrink Machine From Wilpac

Heat Shrink Machine From Wilpac

Heat Shrink Machine Can be operated independently or as part of your existing production line.e parts, the marking paper automatic stripping, flat stick to the required position, finish the whole process.


Heat Shrink Machine Technical Information from Wilpac

1. Can be operated independently or as part of your existing production line. 可与生产线全面连线作业,也可单机作业


2. Facilitates fast and efficient feed changes, thereby saving time. 简易式快速换料机构,节省时间及安全性


3. Adjustable feeding sensor, precision lock up sleeve. 可调式送料高速电眼,精准锁定标签


4. Single orientation mandrel, allowing steady feeding and smooth inserting of labels. 单定位式中心导柱,标签导送稳定,不易造成积料和卡标


5. Synchronous feeding screw design, preventing bottle shake during conveying. 同步分瓶器设计,瓶子输送不易晃动

6. Original adjustable knife plate ensure smooth cutting and easy blade change 独创可调式刀盘,切标更平整,极大减少毛疵想象,更换刀片更容易

7. No tools required for specification change, fast, convenient, easy更换规格无需工具拆卸,快速、方便,调整简单

8. Advance operating system, colorful touch screen is more human being先进的操控系统,彩色触摸屏设计配合辅助按钮,更符合人性化


9. High-normal electric, the feeding cutter co-ordinates flawlessly thereby allow smooth   feeding高标准的电气配置,送料切刀配合的天衣无缝,标签送料更是柔和顺畅


10. Switzerland imported heat wind gun pre-shrink, orientate sleeve label in advance. 采用瑞士进口风枪预热收缩,提前定位欲收缩标签

Reference video links:

Glass round bottle automatic adhesive type labelling machine operation video from Wilpac

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Alibabab website: https://wilpacpackaging.en.alibaba.com

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