High Speed Bottle Unscrambler From Wilpac

High Speed Bottle Unscrambler From Wilpac

Ladder send bottle device will continuously to unscramble bottle tube, unscramble bottle tube inside the wheel by the driving of the drive gear rotate counterclockwise, tube inside the bottle under the action of centrifugal force, fall into the wheel groove, wheel groove bottle by the rotation of wheel drive, through the bottle plate and the bottles from the device to unscramble bottle device, bottle held bottle device under a pair of synchronous wheel clamping bottles from, in the process of to help bottle device, the bottom of the bottle in front of the bottle to rotary bottle device was self-righting (bottle) upwards, bottle in front of the bottle by the hook rod dial and pressure bottle device block, the bottle into the bottom of the bottle before, and also be automatically centering rotary bottle device.


High Speed Bottle Unscrambler Machine Technical Information from Wilpac

  1. Wide applicability, used for round, square, flat square and special shape bottles made of plastic. 兼容性强,可适用于各种大小规格的圆形、方形、扁方形、异形塑料瓶;

2. Special bottle-unscrambling and bottle-feeding system, May cooperate with high speed packing lines. 特殊的理瓶结构和上瓶结构,出瓶速度快,可保证高速瓶装线供瓶需要;

3. Scientific control system and protect the bottles from hitting with each other. 科学的理瓶控制系统,避免了瓶子在理瓶桶内相互碰撞造成的对瓶子的损伤;

4. Automatically operation, Intelligent control procedure, no need special worker and save labor. 全自动运行、与上下道工序智能联控,无须专人操作,节约人工;

5. Automatically reject inverted bottle and down mouth bottle to ensure no wrong bottles go to the next machine. 具有倒瓶、反瓶检测、剔除功能,确保无倒瓶、反瓶进入后道工序;

6. Microchip chip is from U.S, photoelectric element is produced by TAIWAN. 控制芯片为美国原装进口,光电传感元件为台湾生产。

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