Induction Sealer From Wilpac

Induction Sealer From Wilpac

The bottle with aluminum foil after the below of sensor head, the heating energy received from the sensor head of aluminum foil. The heating foil will melt in the composite plastic film on the aluminum foil and the bottle tightly bonded and have the sealing effect.


Induction Sealer Technical Information from Wilpac

1. Wide applicability, Sealing power adjust automatically by the size of aluminum foil. 适用性强,封口功率可根据铝箔大小自动调整;

    2. Self-diagnose errors, ensure continuity and accuracy. 具备故障自检等多项检测报警控制功能,确保连续性和准确性;

    3. High efficiency in Electromagnetic transferring, High performance in sealing. 电磁转换效率高,能耗低,封口效果好;

    4. Timely prompts and automatically stop, if the sealing power is too small or too large. 封口功率过小或过载及时提示并自动停机;

    5. Adopt air circulation technology to make sure fast cooling speed and long-term durability. 采用风冷冷却效果好,使用寿命长;

    6. Automatically operation, Intelligent control procedure, no need special worker and save labor. 全自动运行,与上、下道工序智能联控,协调性好,无需专人操作,节约人工;

    7. Microchip chip is from U.S, photoelectric element is produced by TAIWAN, Stable and durable. 控制芯片为美国原装进口,光电传感元件为台湾生产,稳定耐用。

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Glass round bottle automatic adhesive type labelling machine operation video from Wilpac

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