Round Bottle Side Face Labeler From Wilpac

Round Bottle Side Face Labeler From Wilpac

The bottle need to stick mark by send bottle of orbit transfer, increase the distance between the bottles through the bottle distance regulating mechanism.Photo sensor induction the bottle, send the signal, signal transmission system was opened and send mark. Tension system implementation for the paper tape tension, after the code machine code, the marking paper positioning photoelectric sensor according to the length of marking paper, the label pulled out a certain length. Under the action of labeling parts and label pressure parts, the marking paper automatic stripping, flat stick to the required position, finish the whole process.


Round Bottle Side Face Labeler Technical Information from Wilpac

1. Wide applicability, used for all kinds of round bottles. 兼容性强,适用于各种圆形物体;


2. Label-feeding adopt tension design to ensure that the coding quality, and can accurately control the length and uniformity of the label. 走标采用张紧设计,即能保证打码质量,也能准确的控制标纸长度和起标均匀度。

3. Label pre-feeding system makes the label feeding stable, stickup smoothly and label position precise. 采用预放标系统,出标稳定,贴标平整性好,位置精度高;

4. The label-rolling and label pressing adopt different structure by different bottles shape to ensure the quality of the labeling. 滚压标纸对不同的瓶型,采用不同的方式,保证贴标的质量;


5. In Chinese or Chinese-English menu, can store 10 groups set parameters, easy to adjust and use. 中文或中英文对话控制板面,可存储十组品种参数,调节、使用特别方便;


6. Automatically operation, Intelligent control procedure, no need special worker and save labor. 全自动运行,与上、下道工序智能联控,协调性好,无需专人操作,节约人工;

7. Microchip chip is from U.S, photoelectric element is produced by TAIWAN, Stable and durable. 控制芯片为美国原装进口,光电传感元件为台湾生产,稳定耐用。

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Glass round bottle automatic adhesive type labelling machine operation video from Wilpac

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