Round Shape Bottle Labelling Machine From Wilpac

Round Shape Bottle Labelling Machine From Wilpac

The machine applies to labeling of round products. Applicable labels are sticker labels used by rolling machines, e.g., sticker labels used in food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and daily chemicals, as well as plastic bottles, glass bottles, and buckets in chemical factories. Specific products include shampoo, body wash, round tank cotton swab, pickle, and paint bucket.


Round Shape Bottle Labelling Machine Technical Information from Wilpac

Machine materials: S304 stainless steel and anodized advanced aluminum alloy.

Power for labeling: advanced stepping servo motor. 

Advanced photoelectric eye made by Japanese or German enterprises

Control: PLC and man machine interface.  

Adjustable labeling position: up or down

Inner diameter of paper roll: 76mm; outer diameter < 360mm. 

Conveying machine chain board width: 101.6mm (width can be adjusted according to customer requirements)

Bottle diameter: 20~110mm (diameter can be adjusted according to customer requirements) 

Label specifications: bottom paper width 20~130mm (width can be adjusted according to customer requirements) 

Labeling speed: 0~25m/min 

Labeling precision: ±1mm (except for errors of the products and labels)

Power:600W, AC220V/50Hz, or 1100V/60Hz

Reference video links:

Glass round bottle automatic adhesive type labelling machine operation video from Wilpac

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