Shrink Sleeve Automatic Labeling Machine Bottles

Application: Within a certain diameter range, this machine can be used for many types of bottles: round, square, oval, conical or other irregular shapes.




Sleeve label machine is one of the entire equipment of the beverage dispenser, installed on the real bottle conveyor belt after the filling machine or spray sterilizing machine, or installed on the empty bottles after the wind blow of the bottle blowing machine as it is mainly used to automatically label the drink bottles and then label the thermal shrinkage film onto the body of the bottle by Shrinkage label machine to complete the entire product labeling shrinkage process.

It is mainly used for food and drinks packing line and also for such industries as cleaning products,spices,liquor or wine,cosmetics,refined oil and drug,etc.,for the external shrinkage film package.

WP-SL Series Labeling Machine Standard Electrical Appliance Configuration:

1) adopting series products which manufactured by Panasonic or Schneider.

2) PLC programmable controller.

3) Servo motor.

4) Servo driver.

5) Frequency transformer.

6) Sensor.

WP-SL Series Labeling Machine Standard Machine Configuration:

1) Adjustable cutter head: unique cyclotron cut-off.

2) Double positioning central column for the stable label conveying.

3) Synchronous bottle distributor: No sloshing in conveying the bottles.

4) Label grouping: higher labeling accuracy.

5) Label control electronic eye stand: unique empennage and electronic eye combination to enhance the film cutting accuracy.

6) Bottle type and size need replacing the central column and the bottle distributing screw and cutter head.

7) Section of the conveyor belt in the labeling machine and its driving force is controlled by the labeling machine.

8) Touch screen control cabinet: more custom-fit operation.

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