Low Cost Type Single Servo System 420 Vertical Packing Machine

Low Cost Type Single Servo System 420 Vertical Packing Machine

ED4230 Vertical Packing Machine is suitable for all kinds of small granule package, like sugar, salt, chicken essence, tea, seeds, rice.



Required film material: Laminated film, single-layer, PE film

Applicable bag shape: Pillow bag, gusset bag, seal type bag

Max Film Width: 420mm  

Bag Size Range: L*W=(60~300)*(70~200)mm  

Packing Speed (laminated film, for 500g peanut): 30~40bags/min (estimated maximum 40 bags/ min) 

Power Requirement: 3.4KW/220V/50(60)HZ

Gas Pressure: 0.6Mpa     

Compressed Gas Consumption: 0.6m³/min

Film Pulling driven system: servo motor 

Horizontal sealing driven: gas cylinder 

Estimated machine size: L*W*H=1465*1040*1470mmmm 

Control panel:  7 inch fixed screen       

Including one set of metal bag shaping pillar device + date code printer + packing wood crate 

Personal Contact information:

Company name: Foshan Wilpac Packaging Machinery CO., LTD

Company website: www.wil-pac.com (previous website)  

                              www.wilpacpackaging.com (current website)

Alibabab website: https://wilpacpackaging.en.alibaba.com

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/foshan.wilpac.steve

Contact person: Steve Lee   

E-mail: wilpac13@wil-pac.com   

Mobile / WhatsApp: +86-13928202330   

We-chat: Wilpac_Steve


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