Stand-up Quad Seal Bag Automatic Pet Food Packing Machine

Features: The metering device can automatically complete the measurement, feeding, filling bag, date printing work in one machine.



It is suitable for weighing grain, stick, slice, irregular shape products such as candy, chocolate, jelly, pasta, melon seeds, roasted seeds, peanuts, pistachios, almonds, cashews, nuts, coffee bean, chips ,raisins, plum, cereals and other leisure foods, pet food, puffed food, vegetable, dehydrated vegetables ,fruits, sea food, frozen food, small hardware, etc.



1. Low noise and clean working environment.

2. To use the PLC integrating with touch screen for controlling.

3.  It`s available to work with Thermo Transferring Date Printer.

4. The electric and pneumatic components of the machine are all supplied by reliable supplier operating with us for several years, which can ensure the quality of machine and save the cost of purchase meantime.



Applicable packing material:


 烫边袋.jpg 烫边1.jpg




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